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Alex Scarrow is the author of the TimeRiders series.

This page is a stub. Please edit. Alex Scarrow used to be a rock guitarist in a band, spending ten years after college in the music business. He eventually figured that his band would never become famous nor get a record deal. So he left the music industry in order to become a graphic artist and then he decided to be a computer games designer. He worked on game titles such as: Waterworld, Evolva, The Thing, Spartan, Gates of Troy, Legion Arena, Ultimate Soccer Manager. He started his writing career initially by writing screenplays, but after difficulty entering the business he turned his strongest screenplay into the successful A Thousand Suns novel. He has since written a number of successful novels such including October Skies. He has also written several screenplays, and is currently writing a highly successful young-adult fiction series, which according to his TimeRiders website: "Allowed him to really have fun with the ideas and concepts he was playing around with when designing games." He currently lives in Norwich with his son, Jacob and his wife, Frances.