Computer-Bob is a version of the support unit Bob but without his physical body. He was first created in the first book, when Bob is killed during a battle. To preserve Bob's "memories" Liam is forced to cut open Bob's head and retrieve the hard drive stored inside. Since then Computer-Bob has developed memories and new code for himself and although he started with the same memories as Bob they have become completely different.

Computer-Bob's appearances in the Timerider BooksEdit


Computer-Bob only appeared briefly at the end of Timeriders where he is created and spoken to by Liam.

Timeriders: Day of the PredatorEdit

At the start of the book, Sal talks to Computer-Bob about her nightmares about recruitment and the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Later in the book, Computer-Bob warns Maddy that sending a signal to Liam could cause something to happen and then tells her that her actions have resulted in a high probability of an explosion. He is frequently used throughout the book to try and communicate with Liam and Becks. After the first time wave, when Maddy is taken away, he goes into lockdown and comes close to wiping his entire hard drive to prevent contamination. Fortunately, he is stopped by Maddy and then is used to translate book code from Harry Potter and they use this to successfully retrieve Liam and Becks from 65 million years ago.

Timeriders: The Eternal WarEdit