Adam Lewis

"Jesus! I thought it was just us, you know? Just us with a viable time-translation system! But how the hell...? I mean we've had trillions of defence budget dollars, trillions, thrown at this and we've only just managed to get the system reliable enough to risk human translations!"

"If he sends more, you really want to make as difficult as possible for them to track you down. Remaining in the present simply presents one search vector for them: determining your location. But picking another time adds another search vector... when."

~Rashim Anwar


Rashim Anwar is the senior technician of Project Exodus and the newest member of the TimeRiders. He was originally working on Project Exodus, going back in time to make sure the group could arrive at the specified location, but the TimeRiders managed to intercept him and take him back to their field office in 2001, stalling Project Exodus by months, even years. He also helped the TimeRiders dismantle their time displacement machinery, and take only the vital components back to 1889, Victorian London.


His early life is unknown other than he lived with his parents in Iraq. His parents are thought to be victims of the Kosong-Ni virus in their native land. He is later announced the leader of the Exodus group before the trip back in time until the Vice-President of the North American Federation takes over. He is from Iran and engineered his semi-biological lab unit to resemble SpongeBob SquarePants (see SpongeBubba). When he arrives at Rome 17 years before the time they were meant to arrive, near the end of Claudius' reign, Emperor Caligula is still in power, a plan is implemented, to make Caligula and the local Roman populace believe they are gods. The plan fails miserably, and all of the group are slaughtered, save for Rashim. Caligula locks him up in a cage, with a sore iron muzzle that Rashim calls Mr Muzzy when he finally goes insane, after spending 17 years imprisoned. This version of Rashim is later left behind by the TimeRiders in Roman times as they prevent the Exodus contamination by stopping a younger Rashim from returning to Project Exodus.