A possible photo of the Kosong-ni virus.


The Kosong-ni virus is and will always be a bioweapon created in 2070 by either the Japanese or the North Koreans. This bioweapon is different from others, however, given that it was created to only target humans, making it a Von Neumann virus. The virus is spread via spores which grow from the deceased, and these spores float on, infecting many others. There is no one who is immune or even resistant to Kosong-ni, as far as we know. There is no vaccination for the virus either, as no-one has managed to isolate the bioweapon and create a vaccine. If the virus touches a victim, they may as well have signed their own death sentence. Kosong-ni is described as "wiping humanity out in a few weeks"


When the Kosong-ni virus comes into contact with a person, their body will become weak and they will feel a change instantaneously. Hemorrhages, blemishes and discoloring of the skin, rash and organ failure eventually, as the virus breaks down tissue to feed on and grow spores. The incubation period is under 5 seconds and the victim will die within a minute. Sadly, Rashim contracts the virus while in 2070, After eating a contaminated chocolate pudding.