The Voynich Manuscript Edit

The Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system, thought to be written in the early 15th century.

The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British codebreakers from both World War I and World War II. No one has yet demonstrably deciphered the text, and it has become a famous case in the history of cryptography.

The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish book dealer who purchased it in 1912, and is now house at Yale University.

The Voynich in TimeRiders Edit

The Voynich Manuscript is a coded medival manuscript, suspected to be copied from the much older Holy Grail. Only one passage from this has been decoded, and this is this, decoded by Adam Lewis in The Doomsday Code,

You must make public the last part of this message Adam Lewis, and I promise someone will come and explain everything. When she comes, it is important you tell her this: "Seek Cabot at Kirklees in 1194". Do not reveal any more of this message to anyone else. The last part now follows. Pandora is the word. The word leads to truth. Fellow traveller, time to come and find it.

This passage had start and end markers of glyphs from the Lost language of the Windtalkers​. It is supposed that this is the only decodeable part of the manuscript.